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Solar panels can help you save money and protect the planet for 25+ years. However, because they have such a long lifetime, there are times when you might need to remove and reinstall solar panels in order to perform maintenance on your roof or other equipment located in that area.

If you need to have your solar panels removed and reinstalled, you’re probably concerned with protecting your investment, so we’re here to help explain the entire process so you understand everything that happens.

We’ll discuss why you might need to remove and reinstall solar panels, what you can expect to pay when that work is done, how long the project can take, and more.

When is Solar Removal and Reinstallation Necessary?

There are three primary reasons why you might need to remove and reinstall solar panels:

Fixing Your Roof
Fixing Your Panels
Ensure Optimal Production

Additional Reasons

You might also need to remove and reinstall solar panels because of home repairs in and around the rooftop. Examples include when you’re working on trees, satellite dishes, electrical wires, the attic, and your HVAC system.

Solar removal and reinstallation may also be necessary when you’re moving to a new home, and you wish to relocate your system. If that is the case, make sure you have a trained installer handle the entire job so it’s done safely and securely to protect your investment.

Can I Remove and Reinstall My Solar Panels Myself?

You may feel confident enough to remove and reinstall solar panels yourself, but it can be very risky to do so without the right tools or expertise. This task requires the use of special equipment, which can be expensive for the average homeowner to purchase. Also, attempting DIY solar panel projects can void your contracts and warranties.

A solar panel system is an intricate and complex power plant with electrical connections that only solar experts should handle. Considering a solar panel system is a large investment, it makes sense to only let experienced solar installers handle your solar panels and perform this solar panel removal service.

Moreover, removing and reinstalling solar panels involves a complicated permitting process that’s best navigated by a qualified solar installer. The permits are mandatory because your solar panel system is connected to the electrical grid, and a licensed installer has the experience to help expedite those permits. Thus, using a professional solar company can help ensure your solar panel removal and reinstallation is successful.

Despite claims they can handle the entire roof project, including solar panel removal and reinstallation, many roofing companies lack the necessary expertise to remove and reinstall solar panels correctly every time. For professional guidance about any solar panel project, you should engage a reputable solar company like Solar Detach and Retach or Solar 365. We have the experience and equipment you can trust and can connect you with a reputable roofing company to do that part of the project as well if you need a recommendation.

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